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Pure Distilling Bourbon Chips are made from original bourbon barrels, infusing bourbon flavours into spirits or beer while adding a sweet finish and a hint of colour. Soaking on bourbon chips adds smoothness and a rounded bourbon flavour. Bourbon chips work even better when paired with a bourbon flavouring. 

These oak chips can be used multiple times. If using the same oak multiple times ensure to allow adequate time on subsequent soakings for adequate flavour development. Use new chips for each soaking for optimal results.

Spirits - Quick Ageing - Full Flavour, Less Smoothness: 
Soak 20g of chips per litre of 40-  50% ABV for 10-14 days or until adequate colour and flavour is achieved. Avoid Soaking with this higher dosage for too long as it can lead to an 'overoaked' flavour.
Spirits - Slow Ageing - Full Flavour, More Smoothness : 
Soak 7g of chips per litre of 40 - 50% ABV for 3-4 weeks or until adequate colour and flavour is achieved. Longer soaking times can be utilised with this dosage without adding too much oak flavour while still adding more smoothness.

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