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This premium copper alembic dome and condenser is designed to produce high quality, rich and flavourful spirits such as whiskey, rum, bourbon, and brandy.

Unlike reflux stills that are engineered to strip flavour to produce clean, neutral spirits, the copper surface area of this pot still dome and condenser enables it to carry over the distinct flavours and aromas of a wash into the final product, creating a full-flavoured spirit. This makes it ideal for creating flavoursome spirits like whiskey, bourbon, rum, and gin. Also suitable for distilling water and hydrosols.

The T500 Alembic Condenser when paired with the Alembic Dome Top is compatible with the Grainfather G30, making it ideal for crafting all-grain spirits.

Alembic Condenser
Alembic Dome Top
Water inlet tube
Water outlet tube
Digital thermometer
Instructions booklet


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