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Pure Turbo Yeast is a yeast and nutrient mixed designed for use where ultimate alcohol quality is of primary importance.
This is a revolutionary breakthrough in Turbo Yeast development making it possible to produce "triple distilled" quality alcohol at home.

Fermentation Time:
At 20-24°C: 6-7 days

Yield (approx.):
With 6 kg Turbo Sugar using the T500 Reflux Condenser: 3.6L @ 93% ABV (186 Proof)
With 7 kg Dextrose using the T500 Reflux Condenser: 3.8L @ 93% ABV (186 Proof)

Mixing Instructions:
1. Clean and sanitise all equipment before use.
2. Prepare water making sure you end up with 21L at the correct water start temperature (indicated on the back of the sachet).
3. Now add sugar, and stir until completely dissolved before adding Turbo Yeast and Turbo Carbon.

Yeast nutrients, bentonite, dried yeast (yeast, emulsifier (E491)), activated silicon dioxide, antifoaming agent, vitamins, trace minerals.

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