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A complete set of quality brewer's equipment and specialised ingredients to get you brewing today! Everything you need is in the kit.

Now contains our Australian Series Gold Lager beer kit can with brew enhancer, and a spray bottle for improved sanitation of equipment.

Equipment included:

  • 30 L (8 US Gal) Barrel fermenter with tap
  • Thermometer
  • Air lock and rubber grommet
  • Brew Bottler
  • 45 cm Brewer's Spoon
  • 2 x Sanitiser Sachets
  • Sanitiser Spray Bottle
  • Hydrometer
  • 30 x 750 ml (25 oz) PET Bottles and Lids 

Ingredients Included:

  • Mangrove Jack's Australian Series Gold Lager beer kit can and yeast
  • Mangrove Jack's Carbonation Drops x 60
  • Mangrove Jack's Brew Enhancer

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