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Brewers Yellow Corn Flakes (Briess Malt) per 100g

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Use for American pilsners and lagers. Can be added directly to the mash. Do not mill.

Brewers Yellow Corn Flakes can be used as a cereal adjunct. The flakes can be added to the mash without first using a cereal cooker.

The pre-gelatinised flakes will give a higher yield and a more trouble-free brew than a conventional flaked corn. Also, the corn has been degermed (the oil removed), thus eliminating rancidity.

Using pre-gelatinised Yellow Corn Flakes as an adjunct produces a lower colour in the finished beer without lowering the original gravity.

Add directly to the mash with the malts. Do not mill. A single or multiple temperature infusion can be used. Conversion time and lautering time will be normal.

Pre-gelatinised Yellow Corn Flakes produce a beer with a mild, less malty flavour 
Pre-gelatinised Yellow Corn Flakes produce a drier, more crisp beer.

Usage: Up to 40% as a cereal adjunct in the total grist

EBC: 0.6
Extract (%FGDB): >75
Raw Material: Corn
Malted: No

INGREDIENTS: Corn; May Contain Wheat

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